Dean Magraw and Sándor Szabó

2012 - Acoustic Music Records
  • Sándor Szabó: 6 string baritone guitar, 12 string baritone guitar
  • Dean Magraw: nylon string guitar, steel string guitar, electric sitar

Two master guitarists, two outstanding team players: Magraw, the flatpicker from Minnesota with a feeling for roots music, successfully played in duets with Tim Sparks, John Williams and François Corneloup. Szabó, who shuttles between classical and jazz, was resplendent at the side of Gilbert Isbin, Véronique Gillet and Ralph Gauck.

On Reservoir, their first joint album for Acoustic Music Records, the two have combined their broad experience and create modern sound collages and musical impressions out of manifold stylistic influences, new types of play and improvisational techniques.

The duo performs with a number of stringed instruments, producing a cultivated tone and extraordinary as well as astounding solistic excursions, thus demonstrating their love for acoustic guitar music.

The result is complex sonorous sculptures exuding a great deal of calm and tonal luminescence, which allows Reservoir to shine as a fascinating artistic masterpiece of contemporary guitar music.

Track List
  1. Melting Point
  2. Pool
  3. Saturation
  4. Evaporation
  5. Cloud
  6. Rain
  7. River
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Reservoir by Dean Magraw & Sándor Szabó

Reservoir - Sándor Szabó & Dean Magraw