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Review of Dean Magraw’s Foxfire by Rick Gebhard

“Unlike many solo guitar works, this album does not leave you wanting the rest of the band to join in. Dean Magraw’s solid guitar work supports a strong voice and vision. “Foxfire” is a beautiful testament to the artistry of Dean Magraw, a man not afraid to color outside the lines.”

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Review: Unseen Rain by Magraw, Anton, & Bates

“Magraw took the stage with drummer JT Bates and bassist Jim Anton, and promptly began playing some of the most technically accomplished, musically adventurous jazz I’ve heard in quite some time. What Magraw, Bates, and Anton have created is an experimental jazz trio that’s both loose and tight at the same time, with enough discipline to keep the music structured, but plenty of freedom to roam out to the otherworldly edges of the sonic universe and back.”

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Dean Magraw, Musical Explorer

If you’re not familiar with Magraw, you may wonder how one person can play so many different kinds of music without being superficial. If you’ve seen him live or heard his recordings, you know that’s not a problem. The sounds that come from his guitar are dreamy and down-to-earth, spacious and tight, hushed and wailing, stately and playful — sometimes all on the same night, or within the same tune.

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Review of Dean Magraw’s Unseen Rain

“One of the most prolific and popular musicians based in the Twin Cities, guitarist Dean Magraw is also one of the most eclectic, with a thirty-year career spanning genres and cultures, from blues to classical to folk and jazz, from Japanese and Indian to Celtic and middle American. His new release, Unseen Rain, reflects his many influences, but perhaps none more strongly than his allegience to John Coltrane.” – Andrea Canter

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