Jaguar at Half Moon Lake

1997 - Dancing Hands

"Gorgeous melodies, mesmerizing rhythms." -Dirty Linen

Original music by Dancing Hands featuring Dean Magraw on acoustic guitar and Alan Dworsky on conga drums, along with several great world percussionists including Congolese Master Drummer Coster Massamba on djembe, Jorge Bermudez on bongos and timbales, and Marc Anderson on frame drum, talking drum, clay pot, and shakers.

"Luminous." -New Music Review

Track List
  1. Festival
  2. Half Moon Lake
  3. Molly Dugan
  4. Rose Dance
  5. Tefilah
  6. Scratch It
  7. Welcome Back
  8. Arms of Family
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Jaguar at Half Moon Lake

Jaguar At Halfmoon Lake - Dancing Hands (Dean Magraw)