Dean Magraw & Bruce Kurnow

2009 - New Folk Records

Old friends Dean Magraw and Bruce Kurnow's dream of a recorded collaboration comes true in stunning fashion, with a lush and glowing tapestry of sound.

  • Dean Magraw: guitar
  • Bruce Kurnow: Stringed Harp, Harmonica
Track List
  1. Healing Touch
  2. Peace Within
  3. Yesterday's Tears
  4. Dance of Serenity
  5. Daybreak
  6. Gift of Angels
  7. Sean's Return (Sean O'Dwyer of the Glen)
  8. Sailing Stones
  9. Sky Trail
  10. Twilight
Recordings can be purchased directly from Dean.

$15 will cover the cost of the CD, shipping and handling. ($17 if outside the U.S.) Send a check or money order to: Dean Magraw · 1497 Sargent Ave · St. Paul, MN 55105

Dean Magraw & Bruce Kurnow: Healing