François Corneloup

2008 - Hope Street

"A lot of groove-jazz bands attempt this sort of thing, but few pull it off with the intent and intellect on display here, especially considering this band's ability to variegate the colors while keeping to concept. Here's to the meeting of these minds—Parisian to Minneapolisian." - All About Jazz

  • François Corneloup: baritone and soprano saxophones
  • Dominique Pifarély: violin
  • Dean Magraw: guitar
  • Chico Huff: bass
  • JT Bates: drums.
Track List
  1. Next Door
  2. Tinguelyness
  3. Luz entre deux eaux
  4. Cease Fire
  5. Iguana crossing
  6. Seule
  7. Homeless hymn
  8. Color beginning
  9. French walker at Wounded Knee
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