Dean Magraw

2008 - Candyrat Records

Compositions for solo guitar.

This collection of solo guitar compositions represents a confluence of dwellings, personalities, and events... represented in sound.

Dean's dynamic compositions range from spacious heartfelt melodies to explosive, spirited flights of passion.

His highly original performances reflect his love of music in all its dynamic and tonal splendor as he playfully seduces full spectrum sounds from a limitless palate of wood and steel.

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  • All compositions by Dean Magraw, except TranceMission, by Dean Magraw, Gordon Knutson, and Gordon Johnson, and After the Rain, by John Coltrane.
  • Recorded at Candyrat Studios, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Producer: Rob Poland
  • Recording and Mixing: Rob Poland
  • Mastering: Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions
  • Cover Art & Design: Jodi Wolfe
  • Photography (of Dean Magraw): Manfred Pollert
Track List
  1. GAD Zooks
  2. Mist of the Mourning
  3. Foxfire / Kilnamona
  4. Angel One
  5. After the Rain
  6. TranceMission
  7. Angel Two
  8. Commonweal Part 1
  9. Commonweal Part 2
  10. Amazing Grace
Recordings can be purchased directly from Dean.

$15 will cover the cost of the CD, shipping and handling. ($17 if outside the U.S.) Send a check or money order to:
Dean Magraw · 1497 Sargent Ave · St. Paul, MN 55105

Dean Magraw - Dean Magraw