Sofia: the Beatitudes

Timothy Frantzich, Carin Vagle and Dean Magraw


Sofia sings songs of healing. Sofia’s first recording is The Beatitudes. The name Sofia means Holy Wisdom. The CD features nine songs, each corresponding with a single Beatitude. The Beatitudes are also known as The Sermon on The Mount, they are the central teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Sofia sings each of the beatitudes in their original language of Aramaic.

The Aramaic phrases are short and cyclic, so they are easily learned. Sofia encourages all to sing along, which creates a group singing-meditation. All the beautiful singing rests upon a bed of elegant guitar work.

Light the candles. Open your heart. Clear your throat.

In beauty it’s begun.

“Brilliant soul-work here from these three great ones.” ​​-Coleman Barks poet, translator, teacher

  • Timothy Frantzich
  • Carin Vagle
  • Dean Magraw
  • Melodies composed by Neil Douglas-Klotz
Track List
  • Beatitude 1 Poor in Spirit
  • Beatitude 2 Mourn
  • Beatitude 3 Meek
  • Beatitude 4 Hunger and Thirst
  • Beatitude 5 Merciful
  • Beatitude 6 Pure in Heart
  • Beatitude 7 Peacemakers
  • Beatitude 8 Persecuted
  • Beatitude 9 Revile
Recordings can be purchased directly from Dean.

$15 will cover the cost of the CD, shipping and handling. ($17 if outside the U.S.)
Send a check or money order to: Dean Magraw · 1497 Sargent Ave · St. Paul, MN 55105


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